Elementor #574

My name is Shree (Shraddha) Desai and I am a Textile Designer and Textile Art Workshop leader who is dedicated and passionate about teaching children and adults and connect them to creative world.

My background includes a Master’s degree in Textile Design from the National Institute of Design in India after which I established a Textile Production Business called ‘Kalarshi’ bespoke art pieces for a range of clients as well as hosting independent exhibitions. During this period, I’ve experimented with the construction of fabric in order to create unique artwork. This was achieved by altering the fabric textures, colours, and designs. Worked with textured yarns and unconventional materials using various dying and weaving techniques to create innovative fabrics.

Most recently, I have been conducting Textile art workshops around the UK and am inspired by teaching both children and adults and delivering excellent customer-focused workshops.During pandemic I had to stop these workshop and now it’s time to talk all about my upcoming workshops. I am very excited to run these workshops with unique techniques. In these workshops you will create patterns on fabric with different techniques like batik, tie and dye, silk painting and block printing. I will be having a weaving workshop too to create understanding of basic structure of the fabric and how to use it.

Batik is a technique I always admired for its unique impression of wax effect on fabric. As I add more colours it creates amazing effect. 

Silk painting is more about freedom to use colours on fabric, letting it spread sometimes by not controlling my brush and Tie and dye is all about more fun with different ways to tie the fabric and get unbelievable results. 

Finally … weaving … it has been always a centre for my inspirations.

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