Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Shree (Shraddha) Desai, a Textile Designer and a leader in Textile Art Workshops. My unwavering dedication and boundless passion revolve around guiding both children and adults, ushering them into the captivating realm of creativity.

My journey traces back to acquiring a Master’s degree in Textile Design from India’s esteemed National Institute of Design. Following this milestone, I founded ‘Kalarshi,’ a bespoke Textile Production Business. Through ‘Kalarshi,’ I fashioned exquisite art pieces catering to diverse clientele and orchestrated independent exhibitions. This chapter also saw me pushing the boundaries of fabric manipulation, experimenting with textures, hues, and patterns. I delved into the realm of textured yarns and unconventional materials, employing a myriad of dyeing and weaving techniques to craft avant-garde fabrics.

In recent times, my focus has been on orchestrating engaging Textile Art Workshops across the UK. Witnessing the enthusiasm and growth of both children and adults has been my profound inspiration. Although the pandemic momentarily halted these workshops, I’m thrilled to unveil my upcoming endeavors. These workshops are poised to be a symphony of unique techniques, igniting your creative spark.

During these immersive sessions, you’ll delve into the art of pattern creation on fabric through various techniques such as batik, tie and dye, silk painting, and block printing. Furthermore, a weaving workshop is also on the horizon, offering insights into the fundamental structure of fabrics and their practical application.

Batik, with its enthralling wax effect on fabric, has always captivated my admiration. The interplay of colors creates a mesmerizing spectacle that unfolds with each brushstroke. Silk painting, a realm of unrestrained color expression on fabric, invites you to let hues flow organically, unbound by the confines of control. On the other hand, tie and dye is an exhilarating journey of fabric manipulation, resulting in awe-inspiring and unexpected outcomes.

In the heart of it all, threads, fabric, and weaving have been the core of my inspiration, driving my creative pursuits.